I Wish I Lived in a Big City

Today, I wish that I lived in a big city, like New York or DC or San Francisco. I don’t wish this all of the time. Not when I’m commuting to work. Not when I’m taking a moonlit stroll sans-pepper spray.  But today I really envy my friends who live in big metropolitan areas–areas that are big enough to host big-deal ballroom competitions.

You just don’t find much out here in MN. A couple of small or medium-sized competitions take place in the Twin Cities every year, but nothing big enough to attract the big names or the jaw-dropping talent you see elsewhere.

The 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Latin Championships are coming to NYC in November.  And ticket prices are quite reasonable. If you are fortunate enough to live in or near NYC, for heaven’s sake, GO! Don’t miss it. Do it for me. And post lots of pictures of all the wonderful dancing you saw.

As for me, I’ll wait with joyful anticipation for your photos. And I’ll haunt the IDSF YouTube channel, waiting for new video posts.

Here’s hoping this competition takes place in the U.S. again soon. Next time I’ll be ready.


  1. Awww…that makes me feel guilty for usually taking my area for granted (SF Bay Area). Just a few weekends ago, we had the top two Canadian and #3 Italian amateur couples competing. Next time a friend starts complaining about how hard it is to find a partner, I’ll smack them upside the head!

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