Totally Psyched to See Beyond Ballroom

For Christmas, Nat got us tickets to Beyond Ballroom, which we’re going to see tomorrow night up in the Cities.  I had completely forgotten what the show was all about ( I think had only a vague notion when I picked it months ago). I think it was between this, Suzanne Vega, and Norah Jones.  Salome was sold out and Hubbard Street Dance was in the middle of the week.

To be honest, I have been approaching this show with trepidation because I was afraid that the show would stink. I’m a bit of a snob sometimes when it comes to my ballroom. I want it to be good, not just showy. I’m sure I would enjoy ballroom, like they do it on So You Think You Can Dance–but that stuff isn’t really what I’m looking for–especially when the whole show is ballroom. I want real ballroom pros. I want actual ballroom dancing, not just ice-dancing without the ice.

Today, it finally occurred to me that I should check and see if the dance company has a Web site. I like the way they describe themselves:

Jay Larson and Julie Jacobson from Beyond Ballroom

The Beyond Ballroom Dance Company (BBDC) is a collaboration of competitive ballroom dance champions who share an interest in exploring the creative possibilities of ballroom dance outside of the competition arena.

It is our desire to introduce the artistry and technique of ballroom dance to the entire community. By challenging the restrictions that formal dance competitions place on ballroom dancers, we intend to create productions that are both innovative and entertaining.

Sounds promising. Turns out, it’s a local company as well, and what I love it that they have some great  nationally known pros in the company, specifically Donna Edelstein and Paul Botes. That puzzles me actually. That’s a couple that just got divorced. They don’t compete together anymore or even share a studio. Are they still doing these shows together? Awesome but…*awkward.*

I am now totally psyched about this show. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

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  1. The show was fantastic. The level of dancing wasn’t as high as I was hoping for, but the showmanship was certainly there. There was some very good storytelling too; much of it, without any narration. I would highly recommend this show.

    Donna Edelstein and Paul Botes don’t look like they’re part of the company anymore, so nothing to report on that front. Not that one would any drama if they had been. They’re pros, after all.

    There’s a nice little pub just around the corner from the Southern Theater too. We stopped for drinks and a some sweet potato fries before the show. Tasty.

    We were thinking of going dancing at Loring Pasta Bar after the show, but were pretty zonked after an afternoon at Mall of America. We just headed home and collapsed.

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