Late Night French Fries

I often find myself craving something really greasy and horrible after a night of dancing. Usually, I abstain because eating something heavy late at night produces strange dreams, which usually means poor sleep. Plus a junk food hangover the next day.

Warm, salty sin.

Last weekend, after the Cafe Bailar dance, I gave in and stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. The fries were warm and salty and delicious. Surprise, surprise. I slept just fine and woke up with no blahs.

Lesson learned: Junk food and 3 hours of dancing  cancel each other out (at least when you tack on a 1 hour drive + hitting the hay after 1 am).

However, this does not work on the front end. I cannot eat the fries first and then dance. That makes me feel weighed-down and icky, which interferes with my fun at the dance. Perhaps, in some cosmic way, I have not earned them yet. The dance gods are punishing me for nutritional hubris.

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