Is this really all I want to do?

Last night Nat pointed out that my blog title is pretty much true, at least when it comes to the tally of how I spend my evenings:

The Lego Store at Mall of America: Not my cocaine, but a Mecca for brick-lovers around the world.
  • Monday: Role-playing group via Skype
  • Tuesday: private lesson, practice, group class
  • Wednesday: group class
  • Thursday: group class
  • Friday: social dance at Blue Moon, Tango Society, or USA Dance
  • Saturday: Dance somewhere in the Twin Cities
  • Sunday: Contemplating going to Tango practice

Basically, role-playing saves me from being a 7-day-a-week dance junkie. That, and occasional out-of-town travel and sudden bouts of laziness. Laziness keeps us all sane. Like last Saturday, when we went to the Lego Store and out to eat Dim-Sum, instead of to Cafe Bailar.

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