Should just looking at dance shoes be this…stimulating? I dare you to look at this video and NOT experience a dance shoe junkie rush.

Last year, when I started taking Argentine Tango lessons with Craig, there was a woman in class who had the most beautiful, sexy shoes. Better than anything I’d ever seen on a ballroom dancer’s feet. They were sinuous, red creations, embracing her heels and licking her toes. It almost seemed like they should not be worn in public. It didn’t take me long to corner her and ask her, “Where did you find those lovely things?” and more importantly, “Where can I get some?”

That was how I was first introduced to Comme Il Faut – “The Shoes That Changed Buenos Aires’ Nightlife Forever”

That’s a direct quote from their Web site, by the way. Makes the shoes sound like a cultural movement or a torrid public romance. Maybe they’re both of those things. I have never seen shoes so embody the spirit of a dance as these do.

If I continue to dance Argentine Tango I will need a pair. Shoe lust has set in and I don’t think I would feel satisfied with anything else.  Sadly, they have no distributors in the U.S. I may need to order from Argentina direct.

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